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5 TERRE, discover amazing Liguria

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Do you want to spend your holidays at the sea ? Do you want to visit some authentic places and eat some typical Italian food ? Well, Liguria is the perfect mix between amazing sea, stunning places and delicious food. Liguria is a coastal region in north-western Italy that borders with France.

Before starting this short guide about the city of Romeo and Juliet, I will answer some frequently asked questions …

Here we are with some tips on words or phrases which Italian and English borrowed from Latin. I studied Latin at Secondary School and I strongly favour the teaching of Latin (at least in Italy), even if today it is seldom taught in schools other than Classical Lycees. Why?

When it comes to good food, you know, Italy always has something interesting to offer ... And Venice, with its maritime culture and its ancient traditions, is the perfect place to discover new flavors and try original dishes.

Many people get in touch with us because they are considering a tour in Italy, and they are just undecided between a coach tour and a private one. So they ask us: why should I take a private tour of italy? Why with your company? Here are 8 plus 1 good reasons, we hope you enjoy them!

I am in love with Tuscany: a perfect combination of landscapes, art, culture. I really am, also because "il mi nonno”, my grandfather, originally came from Serravalle, in the province of Arezzo. But there’s another reason why I love it so much: its CUISINE.