Is VITOR registered with any Tourist Authority?
According to the Italian Legislation, VITOR is registered with the Province of Brescia, Italy, registration number 82596/14.

What is the group size of a VITOR tours?
We range from solo travellers to a maximum of 15.

What is the age of the people who take your tours?
Our tours can be enjoyed by people of all ages, by anyone who has a passion for enriching, rewarding and memorable travel experiences.

Are VITOR tours available to children?
We are happy to accept children of all ages, as part of a family or accompanied by an adult (for more information pls go to www.vitor.it/termsandconditions).

Is it necessary to have a good level of mobility?
We absolutely want everyone to enjoy the beauty of our country, notwithstanding a limited level of mobility or any impairment you might have. Please bear in mind that you will have to negotiate getting on and off the vehicle on a regular basis, walking to attractions, managing stairs in the hotels and showers over the bath. If you have a mobility problem or concern, pls let us know, we will find the most suitable solution for you.

What languages do you speak?
Please note that all tour commentaries are in English.

What’s usually included in the price of your tours?
It's up to you to choose what to include. Our standard quotes usually include hotel accommodations with continental breakfast, land transportation, airport pick ups and drop offs, sightseeing, services of local guides, some dinners in selected home-style restaurants, all appropriate gratuities, taxes and more.
Quotes do not include items of a personal nature such as laundry, wines, water, beverages, food other than the meals specified, passport and visa fees, insurance.

Are your tours guaranteed?
Once we've accepted your booking, we promise that we won't cancel your tour unless forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control.

If you are a travel agent.
Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +39 030 9823655


Why should I choose to have a Tour Leader on board?
The Tour Leader is going to be the person fully in charge with your Tour, acting also as tourist guide and driver. He is knowledgeable about history, art, and generally about the Country, more a travelling companion and a coordinator than a guide, for a much more rewarding experience. He will take care of all your needs and lead you throughout the itinerary, with secret insights on locations, food, habits and people.

Can you describe a typical day out on tour?
You might typically leave at 8.30 am and arrive at your hotel at 6.30 pm, however, some days may be longer and others shorter depending on what needs to be covered that day.
You will never leave before 8.00 am unless when absolutely necessary and we will always build in time for rest and relaxation.
Dinner times in Italy are likely to be later than you might be used to, 8.00 pm at the earliest and often later.

How flexible are VITOR itineraries?
Visits included in our itineraries are fixed and included in the price. However, outside these there is some flexibility to adapt the itinerary according to such things as weather and special events.

Are the attractions always open?
Italy‘s monuments and attractions are used on some occasion, as religious holidays and national celebrations, while in others may be closed or obscured for renovations. On these occasions, touring itineraries may be amended to reflect these closures.
Also, due to unforeseen circumstances (including weather conditions) there may be last-minute changes. In these particular cases, we reserve the right to adjust the schedule of the tour.

How much walking do we do on a tour?
In cities there could be considerable walking as many historic cities prohibit motorised transport and we should park some distance out of the centre.

How much driving do we do?
A typical day's driving range between 100 and 150 Km. and does not exceed 200 Km, with some major attraction, 'comfort' and meal stops. On some days the driving is limited to a few tens of kilometres.
Please consider that we travel also along scenic routes wherever possible, so driving could be longer than on motorways.

What meals are included?
Delicious breakfasts are always included.
We may also include some dinners, either at the hotel or in a local home-style restaurant, including beverages but not wine or spirits.
The other meal, usually lunch, is taken in local pubs and restaurants. This meal is not included in the price of the tour and is to be paid each time by the traveller.

Can special dietary needs be accommodated?
In Italy properties are perhaps less inclined to make special efforts in this area, so please be understanding if hotels, restaurants and bars are not as familiar with your particular dietary needs as at home. We will do our best to satisfy your dietary needs or at least provide options for you, but you should make any restrictions clear to us at the time of booking so we can pass the information on to hotels.
Common dietary requests like ‘low sodium’ or ‘vegetarian’ are likely to be accommodated much easier than very special or unique dietary needs. Meals that are full a la carte offer more flexibility for special dietary requests.

Do you include entrance fees to attractions?
Every tour includes a selection of entrances, as clearly shown on our offers. Sometimes, when travelling with a Tour Leader, he may suggest other attractions not included in the program, in such case entrance fees will be at your own expense.

Is there any time for shopping?
You can shop during city visits, or in villages along the way. Our relaxed pace will allow you to have plenty of time for stopping by and shop. Also, some tours may include a stop at a fashion outlet, when it is on the way to the next location.

What about extra expenses?
Pls note that any expenses not mentioned in the contract will be paid by individuals according to their own choice.

What is the typical dress while on your journeys?
Typical dress for any VITOR tour is casual attire.

I have some health problems, is this a problem?
We want everyone to be able to see Italy with us, and we encourage the participation of physically challenged travellers. If you require dedicated assistance, we kindly ask that you plan to travel with a companion who can help out, as Tour Leaders, guides or other personnel are not able to provide such assistance. Please let us know about any physical disabilities or limitations and we will adjust the tour according to your needs and wishes.



What documents should I have for travelling with my children?
All children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Pls see comprehensive information at www.vitor.it/identification
We will not be responsible for the disruption of travel caused by improper documentation for children travelling abroad without both parents.

Can my child stay alone in his/her room?
In compliance with our partner hotels and for the safety and security of our guests, minors must be booked into the same room as an accompanying adult.

Are there children's meals in your tours?
In some cases there could be menus available for children, but please note that in Italy these options may not be typical "kids' meals."


What kind of hotels do you use?
Thanks to our small group philosophy, you will enjoy a true Italian experience in small, intimate properties full of local character: charming hotels, fine “alberghi diffusi” (hotel rooms in different buildings in small city centers), high quality “agriturismi” (country estates), everyone of them different and yet typical.
Our accommodations are carefully selected to always reflect the character and charm of the area we are visiting.
Pls note that the accommodations shown in the tour itineraries, as they do not have a large number of rooms, could be unavailable from time to time for all the rooms we need. Any substitution will grant you the same quality standards and services, if not higher. Travel documents will report the final accommodation in full detail.

What else should I know about the hotels?
Pls understand that some of the traditional properties we use are older buildings not purpose-built to be hotels. So sometimes the rooms have different shapes and sizes and they can be smaller than you might be used to or expecting. Sometimes hotels do not have lifts or air-conditioning, in many cases because they are not allowed to as they are “listed” and protected buildings with restrictions on what they can do in terms of making changes to the property.
Whenever available, air-conditioning could be shut down at night and from the end until the start of the summer months.

Do the rooms have bathtubs or showers?
All hotel rooms are private ensuite. Bathroom facilities can vary and you may find that some rooms will have a tub, some showers, some both.

Do accommodations have elevators (lifts)?
Whilst most properties will have a lift, we could also use hotels which do not have one unless you have a specific mobility problem. In these instances, our guides or the hotel crew will assist with the carrying of your bags to your room. Some hotels are in very old buildings and there may be stairs between the levels in the corridors.

What kind of room do you provide?
We usually accommodate single and double rooming arrangements.
Due to the nature of our lodgings, triple and quadruple rooms are subject to limited availability, so pls indicate clearly this kind of accommodation at the time of booking. 

Is porterage included?
We include porterage wherever possible in the hotels.


Can you arrange additional nights’ accommodation in the cities of arrival and departure?
Yes. Please, let us know at the time of your initial booking.
In case your tour ends at the airport, we will carefully plan the time of your final transfer to ensure you do not miss your flight due to unforeseen circumstances.

What if I cannot show up at the time of departure?
In case of a delay in showing up, we will wait for you for an additional 60 minutes. Failure to join the group within this time for whatever reason (i.e. flight delay, immigration and customs, etc.) will be considered “no show” and we will have no obligation to pick you up. In such a case, it will be your responsibility to make other transfer arrangements in order to join the group later.
In case of a delay in showing up during the tour, we will have no obligation to stick to the original program for that day.

What sort of vehicle do we travel in?
You will be travelling in comfortable cars, seater minivans or minibuses. All vehicles are air-conditioned or with forced air vents and PA systems, and all seats have seatbelts and are forward facing.
Luggage will be stored in a rear compartment.

Do you have a policy on smoking?
Italy has implemented a total smoking ban in public places and hotels. Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles.

How much luggage can I bring?
Due to van space limitations, our journeys only allow for one normal sized suitcase per individual. Pls check the measures of your suitcase.
Also remember that travelling light is always a good idea, especially in our tours as it makes it much easier to get around. We suggest just one carry-on bag per individual (for carrying items that might be needed during the day’s sightseeing excursions or camera/video equipment). Dimensions for carry-ons should not exceed 17” x 12” x 10”, allowing it to fit under the seat of the van.

What clothes should I bring? What to pack?
Depending on the season you travel, we will provide you with information about appropriate clothes. Together with travel documents you will also receive find a list of recommended items to pack and important reminders about prescription medications and laundry service availability on the road.

What if I forget or lose my baggage during the trip?
You should report any loss or damage immediately to our Back Office, which will assist you in any case. If you need a written report from the local authority for submission to your insurance provider, we will assist you in all procedures.
VITOR will not be responsible for loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings.


Should I bring identification with me?
You must always bring identification with you.
For complete information about identification pls see our comprehensive summary at www.vitor.com/identification

Will I need a visa?
It is your responsibility to obtain any visa which might be requested for you to enter Italy. Make sure to check with your local consular office as to any visa requirements.
For complete information about visas pls see our comprehensive summary at www.vitor.com/identification

Are vaccinations required for travelling to Italy?
Italy, including the Vatican State, requires no vaccinations for entry.
A wise traveler should nonetheless consider certain vaccinations to prevent the possibility of a vacation-spoiling illness.
In particular, pls consider a flu vaccination for trips between November and April. Though typically mild, influenza can sometimes develop into a lingering, serious illness requiring hospitalization and intensive medical care.


How do I make a booking?
Booking is very simple, all you have to do is select a tour, confirm your booking on the page and follow the instructions. You will be directed to a section of our web site where you will have to input some preliminary information. At the end of the procedure, after you have paid the Reservation Fee, you will receive a Booking Invoice as a confirmation of your booking.
Booking can also be made either via phone, skype, email, or through one of our accredited agents.
For more information see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions or get in touch with our Head Office (see www.vitor.it/contacts).

Can I book my incoming flights through you?
We prefer not to deal with airlines on your account, as you could find it easier to arrange your own schedule.
Therefore we advise you to book your air and land transfers to and from Italy through any retail travel agent or even by yourself on the web.

Can I book my internal transfers through you?
We can book any transfers within Italy, either by train, air or car. Just ask at the time of booking.
Pls consider that internal transfers between major cities are faster by high speed train than by airplane.

When should I make my reservation for your tours?
We encourage you to make your reservation just as early as possible, especially if you are limited to the time period in which you can travel.

Can I make special room requests?
We can advise hotels of any special room requests or requirements, provided we receive them at the time your reservation is made. Special requests such as bed types and connecting rooms are subject to availability.

Will I have to make payment at the time I make a reservation?
A reservation fee is required in order to hold a reservation for a VITOR tour, depending on the journey you are reserving.
In case you cancel within 72 hours of making your reservation, you will receive the full refund of your deposit.
For more information see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions.

Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?
According to EU Directive 90 314, if you are prevented from proceeding with the package, you may transfer your booking to a person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the tour, having first given VITOR or your travel agent reasonable notice of your intention before departure.
We require that such notice is given to us as soon as possible, however not later than 14 days before departure
For more information see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions.

Will I receive documentation when I book a VITOR journey?
Once a tour has been booked and deposited, we will send you a confirmation of your booking. You will also receive the credentials for accessing your personal account at www.vitor.it/accounts.
Final tour documentation, including a day-by-day itinerary, will be sent after final payment is received.

Once I have booked, are you entitled to any price change?
All our tours are expressed in Euros (€), therefore to calculate the price in your own currency you will have to convert the price of the tour using the exchange rate effective at the time of payment.
Whereas the EU Directive 90 314 allows price variations for changes in fuel and transportation costs, dues, taxes or fees chargeable for certain services, such as city taxes, up to 20 days before departure, we guarantee that the price reported in all our documentation and contracts shall not be increased during the 90 days prior to the departure date stipulated.
Therefore, if you book later than 90 days before departure the price shown at the time of booking will be the final price of the tour. If earlier, any price change due to cost increases will apply only up to 90 days before departure.
For more information see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions.

What happens if I have to cancel?
Please, see our cancellation policy at www.vitor.it/termsandconditions. We rarely have cancellations but if you do, through illness or any other reason, there would be a charge. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance to cover any cancellation charges.

Can I purchase a tour as a gift?
Yes! You can purchase a tour in full or give a gift card in any amount.
For more information see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions or get in touch with us by phone or Skype (see www.vitor.it/contacts).


What is your payment schedule?
The payment due date is as follows:
• Booking: 20% Reservation Fee,
• 60 days prior to departure: 20% of the total cost (Advance Payment),
• 30 days prior to departure: balance.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and wire transfers.
Third-party credit cards are not acceptable.

How do I make payment online?
When you choose to pay by Credit Card, you will be re-directed to the Credit Card web sites and their payment procedures will apply.
For Information about payments pls see “Payments and Invoicing” at www.vitor.it/termsandconditions

Can I send a bank check or money order, or pay with a debit card?
Sorry, we can’t accept bank checks or money orders, nor payments by debit cards.

How do I know if you received my payment?
You will be notified by email that your payment was received and applied to your reservation. You may also access your payment data by logging into your account online at www.vitor.it/accounts.

What if I’m missing information and I don’t know about it?
Don't worry; we’ll send you an email 25 days, 15 days and 7 days before your scheduled departure, telling you what information we have and what we need.

What happens if I’m missing payments?
If there is any outstanding balance by the due dates listed on your Payment Schedule, we will send you a reminder asking you to pay. Not receiving payment in 2 working days, we will be compelled to cancel all travel services.


What kind of information will you send me before the start of the tour?
Final tour documentation will be sent via email after final payment is received, not later than 7 days prior to the beginning of your tour, and will include additional information about clothing and packing, weather and more (see www.vitor.it/termsandconditions).

Can I get paper documents?
As we have customers from all countries, we are aware that there could be some problems in letting them have paper documents. That’s why we prefer not to produce and ship paper documents to the customers’ addresses.
However, paper documents may be sent upon customer request. A shipping and handling fee for each set of paper documents, depending on the destination, will be charged to you.
Paper documents will be delivered right after you have paid the final balance, however not later than 14 days prior to the beginning of your tour.
A complete street address is required for mailed documents (no PO boxes).

How do I access and print my documents?
Your documents may also be accessed by logging into your account online at www.vitor.it/accounts.


What is not included in a VITOR tour?
• Air tickets to and from Italy. Air travel must be booked independently and it is your or your travel agent's responsibility to let us have this information in a timely manner.
• Lunches or dinners other than indicated on the program, social drinks, items of a personal nature and entrance fees when not accompanied by your Tour Leader.
• Occasional optional evening theatre/festival visits and entrances not detailed in the tour notes.
• Incidental expenses, such as telephone bills, newspapers, laundry costs and room service incurred at accommodations. All expenses are to be settled prior to leaving the accommodation.
• Any shipping charges for the return of purchases made on tour, or for the return of property lost on tour.


What are the hours of VITOR’s Office?
We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00.
We are based in Brescia, Italy. Our time zone is GMT +1.

I’d like some more information. Who can I talk to?
To learn more about any of our tours and our proposals, pls contact us:
• by phone at 0039 030 9823655
• by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• by Skype at “vitortours”
We’ll be happy to talk about our itineraries and travel to Italy in general.

Can we call you back?
You could need to talk to us but be unavailable in office hours. Just get in touch via email or Skype and ask to be called back. We will set a telephone appointment with you from 8:00 am to 9.00 pm (italian time).
Please remember that our time zone is GMT +1.

How do I get in touch in the event of an emergency?
Our Assisting Manager will be available 24/7 for any need, dialing the emergency telephone number which will be communicated at the beginning of the tour.

How can I get an e-Newsletter?
To sign up for VITOR’s bi-weekly e-Newsletter, simply fill out the e-Newsletter Request Form