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    Private tours from 1 to 15 travellers

    Live Italy as Italian

    The VITOR way: you live Italy as Italians, in full comfort and safety

    We can let your dream come true, in the fastest time ever, because we are Italians based in Italy.

    Our mission is to let you experience the true heart and soul of Italy, providing you with a unique, highly customised Italian experience. We will be your travelling companions, for a tour you will never forget.

    We live here

    We design tours better than others because we live here

    Italy is a marvelous land because it is so diverse in all its manifestations across the country: different areas mean different cultures, different food, different dialects, different landscapes.

    We will introduce you to this variety with the passion that moves us when we travel in our own country.

    Understand Italy

    Understand Italy in deep with our experiences

    Italians are welcoming and friendly, and they put their heart and soul in everything they do. So visit Italy with us “on the road”, along its many routes, among its people, looking for the very traditions and culture that make Italy a special place in the world. We want you to “understand” Italy, and every day we put our best efforts in providing you with the best Italian experiences.

    Who We Are

    Marcello Cordovani, Founder and Tour Leader Coordinator

    At VITOR we are so in love with Italy. Simple, because we are Italians. And we want to share this love with people from all countries.

    That’s why our goal is to make an Italian out of you.

    With you, we will share our art and culture, our food and wine, our charming accommodations, our beautiful objects, our everyday life, even our language.

    We will not travel as tourists, we will live the country among its people, who will welcome you as an Italian.

    We will live “the Italian way”, savouring our “art of living”, because that’s what makes Italy a unique country in the world.

    Join us for a wonderful experience you’ll never forget, Italy.


    Marcello Cordovani, Founder


    • Truly the trip of a lifetime!


      we had an absolutely fabulous holiday - truly the trip of a lifetime and we couldn’t have done it without VITOR

      Your itinerary was lovely and allowed to see and do everything we wanted to do! The accommodations were wonderful and the transfers were excellent- on time and very nice cars. Your communication was excellent and it was very comforting knowing we had a native Italian helping us if something went wrong. I would recommend VITOR (and I already have) without reservation! 


      Again, I want to stress these are small critiques but overall it was the absolute trip of a lifetime, we had a FABULOUS time and I would certainly recommend VITOR to friends (and I actually already recommended you to someone).

      Grazie Mille!!!


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    • Annalise said it was the best trip of her life!

      We are so happy with our trip! Below are our comments..


      Loved the hotel, staff was very friendly and the breakfast was the best of the trip. Tour guide was exceptional (Lorella). Annalise's favorite spot

      Cinque Terre

      Accommodation was great. It was not a big deal but we weren't expecting to have to walk to our hotel from the parking lot. It was just a little confusing because neither the luggage guy or driver were very good at English and we werent sure where to go. It turned out the town is very small so you really couldn't miss it, but this was very minor.


      Loved the hotel although a bit confusing for both drivers as there is some other place with the same name. Staff was friendly and breakfast was great. Tour guide was great, she took us to some of her favorite shops which was fun. It was good to find out from a local the good shops. Jenn's favorite city!


      Driver was so friendly, he was trying so hard to communicate with us. 😊 He did a great job. Hotel was very nice and breakfast was good. Beautiful view and pool and great location. They have a new patio down at the beach which they share with a neighboring hotel. It was a little confusing at first because you were only allowed to use certain chairs but they had an employee down there making sure the guests were accommodated. Such a beautiful view and we definitely got a lot of exercise! 

      The hotel was very accommodating in trying to get us dinner reservations. Apparently it was quite difficult because of the amount of people. There were also two weddings there in the few days we were there so their restaurant was booked.


      LOVED the hotel and the location, we both wish we could have stayed in Rome longer. There was a farmacy right down the street for our covid tests, very convenient. Vespa tour was so much fun. Our tour guide went above and beyond to show us what we wanted to see and of course it was super fun to ride the Vespa with a side car.  Next time we will stay in Rome longer. Driver was prompt to take us to the airport.

      Overall the trip was incredible! Annalise said it was the best trip of her life!

      I have no complaints, you did an amazing job!  Thank you so much and I really appreciate your help with the train delay.

      Jennifer - United States

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    • An Awesome Italian Experience!

      Many thanks to the professional team at Vitor Italy, my family had an unforgettable vacation.  All the tour guides are very knowledgable and dedicated, even armed with charts and iPads in their explanations!  The drivers too were very friendly and helpful.  The hotels selected by Marcello were very well located, making it an easy walk to shopping and attractions.  Finally, I appreciate the communication with Marcello on planning and walking through the itinerary so we know what to expect.  It demonstrates the expertise and experience by Vitor Italy in planning these trips.  Thanks Marcello and team!

      Eng Siong - Singapore

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