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Our Motto is “Italy with Italians”, but we should also add “at your pace, in total relax and full safety”. Yes, because when you are here, we just want you to have the best time of your life. You are a friend of ours, coming from a far country, and we are proudly showing you our country and sharing our way of life. This is the VITOR way, the only way.

Your perfect tour

Step 1: Define your ideal itinerary

You tell us your wishes and preferences and we create the perfect trip in Italy for you.

It all starts with a first online contact. You can email us, send us a Whatsapp message, or contact us on the Chat. But you can also do it the old-fashioned way, call us on the phone.

We ask you to give us some primary indications about what you would like to do, how many days, how many people, and when you would like to come. We have some "Suggested" tours, which can always be adapted to your requests and from which you can take inspiration. Or, we can build a tailor-made itinerary based on your specific interests. For example, some travellers are passionate about archaeology, so we design a route with archaeological guides and visits to the most important archaeological sites and lesser-known but equally fascinating places.


Step 2: We design your tailor-made trip

We draw a customised day-by-day itinerary (see a sample here), free of charge, with private guides, transfers and activities. We review your itinerary together, you may modify it as you wish, at NO COST

Once we have established your interests, we send you the proposal that best suits your requests and needs. This is simply the starting point; you can make any changes, remove or add, in complete freedom. The result will be a tailor-made tour for you, just like a tailor sews a suit on a person. Some very sporty people may want to go hiking or cycling and prefer to stay in mountain huts, while others prefer to visit cities with a golf cart because they don't like to walk too long. Travellers with small children have different needs than those who travel with teenagers or older children; also, older travellers have the right to enjoy a relaxed vacation without missing out on seeing the most beautiful sites.

At this point, we send you our best proposal. All this at no cost, to guarantee you absolute freedom in your choices.

Italy at your pace
Care of you

Step 3: Booking time

After you confirm, we book your hotels and send you a confirmation of your bookings.

When you accept our proposal, hotels, excursions, museum entrances, and everything else in our offer are confirmed. As soon as we receive confirmation from the hotels, we send you the Accommodation List, where you can find all the references: website, hotel category, location, room type. You are invited to check that everything has been booked in your name for your dates.


Step 4: We are almost there

One week before departure, we send you a detailed itinerary. A few days before arrival, we review the itinerary together on Zoom.

One week before your departure, we send you a detailed itinerary with all the necessary documents on site: entrance fees, train or plane tickets where applicable, vouchers, maps and directions to the meeting points, and telephone numbers.

Finally, we book a call with you to review the Detailed Itinerary together and explain any unclear steps. In any case, even during the trip, we are always available to provide clarification.

Italy at your pace
Care of you

Step 5: Constant support

After your arrival, we constantly monitor your tour and keep in touch with you. In case of emergency, we assist you 24 hours/day.

Once you are here, we constantly follow your tour through our drivers and guides. In the event of changes due to reasons beyond our control, for example, if there is a delay in the flight from home due to a strike, bad weather or other reasons, as well as due to a train during internal transfers, we intervene to reduce the inconvenience to a minimum.

All transfers are private, except when you use the train; in this case, we take you to the departure station and pick you up at the arrival station.

Our Guides, all licensed English-speaking professionals, meet guests at the hotel or at an agreed location; if a transfer is scheduled, the Guide and the Driver are in constant contact. The Guide also manages all the entrances to the museums. And if you prefer to visit a museum on your own, we provide tickets. It is all very simple, all very "Italian".

In addition to Guides and drivers, we always answer the phone at any time. Of course, we also leave you free time, to go to dinner, walk, shop, enjoy the scenery. A lot or a little, you decide this according to your needs.

You are never alone, because you are our guests, and we want the memories of the time spent in our beautiful country to accompany you for the rest of your life.

We look forward to seeing you in Italy. Enjoy your trip. Ciao!



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