Italians Do It Better Italians Do It Better


Italy with Italians
A once-in-a-lifetime experience

We are Italians and we know Italy better than anyone. We want you to experience its heart and soul, by living as an Italian for the time of your tour. That’s why we want you to melt into it. We want you to know us better, through our art, customs, history and people, and we would like you to love our country the way we do.

Italy is a marvelous country because it is so diverse in all its manifestations across the country: different areas mean different cultures, different food, different dialects, different landscapes. We will take you to places away from the standard tourist trails, where Italians spend their free time. By going beyond the tourist facade you will get to experience food, crafts, history and culture deeply. Take an espresso in a bar, dine in little restaurants, osterie and trattorie where locals eat, or even on the road, discovering flavours and tastes you couldn't even imagine; walk across hidden spots of cities and villages, while shopping at local artisanal bottegas, and enjoy local traditions at “sagra” and local festivals. Learn the art of cooking in a special location, try and speak Italian dialects, visit local wine, ham, cheese and vinegar producers.

Join us in experiencing Italy’s beauty in all its manifestations. You’ll fall in love with it, just as Italians do every day.

Italy with Italians
Your perfect tour

We help you design “your” perfect tour

One of the secrets of a successful holiday is planning. So let’s plan your trip together, down to the last detail. Everything will fit in, with a perfect blend of time and space. You are our guests, and we want to make your tour unforgettable.

We provide full customer service and support from the very first moment! It’s up to you to indicate what aspects you are most interested in; we will design the perfect tour for you, with a focus on your interests. We can build the perfect experience because we monitor the country on a daily basis and we fully design, organize, manage and control all tours, not relying on third parties.

In your tours you may include a mix of all the different elements that make Italy the perfect destination: culture, art, food and wine, traditional crafts, events, sports. Plenty of opportunities exist also for “theme” tours, like history tours (Romans, Middle Ages, Reinassance, etc.), nature tours (the Alps, the Dolomites, lakes and rivieras), art tours (Roman, Gothic, Baroque, etc.), and food and wine tours (Chianti, Montalcino, Barolo just to name a few).

Our tours are enjoyed by people of all ages, with a passion for enriching, rewarding and memorable travel experiences. This passion can be shared also in a family with children: you’ll plant a seed of love for beauty that will give wonderful fruits throughout your life.


Italy at your pace, in full comfort

You are a traveler, not a tourist! Our relaxed tour pace ensures that you have plenty of time to explore and socialize. All services are organized strictly according to your instructions, to allow you to share all the emotions of the tour in full comfort.

Our accommodations are carefully selected to always reflect the character and charm of the area you are visiting. Some properties are situated in a stunning setting or have interesting historical and architectural heritage; others may be chosen for their location, ambiance, service and value. You may also enjoy a true Italian experience in charming "boutique" hotels, scenic historical palaces and luxury country houses. All these accommodations will strike you with their beauty and level of service.

You will access dining premises where locals eat, and taste regional specialties and local wine. Trattorie, osterie, pasticcerie, the choice is yours. Your food experience will include cooking classes and tastings at local producers as well as in local shops. You will also see how famous Italian food products are made, from well known products to small producer’s gourmet specialities.

We will fully assist you in shopping, advising you about the best products in small shops as well as in fashion outlets or retail centers.

Insuring the maximum comfort while travelling is always our top priority. Our vehicles will always grant you enough room inside, with wide luggage storage. If you travel by train, you will enjoy maximum comfort in first class aboard high speed trains.

Italy at your pace
Care of you

We like to take care of you

“Many of our friends were shocked that we would send money to someone in Italy with all the scams going on today, especially on line, but we knew we had no worries and once again intuition and instinct never seem to fail”. This comment from a traveler explains how the relationship we propose is based on solid facts as well as mutual trust.

As to facts, we are legally registered in Italy as a Tour Operator, Authorization Number 82596/14. After payment of a Reservation Fee, we proceed with bookings and have all hotels send you a confirmation on your account. Also, after every payment, we issue an invoice and an updated Payment Schedule Note, reporting all payment information.

As to trust, from the first moment we introduce ourselves in a phone or videoconference meeting: we want you to test our professionality as well as our honesty. We want to gain your confidence and, if we have not, please show us how to do it.

We strive to have a personal relationship with our customers, before, during and after their tour. No call centers or reporting to other people, you will always talk with the manager in charge of your tour from your first contact. And when in Italy, we follow you step by step, assisting you 24 hours a day in your needs and requests, with the flexibility only a local operator can have!