What We Do What We Do


We are different from the typical foreign Tour Operators organising trips to Italy, and we take pride in showing to people from around the world how we really live in our country.


We invite you to look at Italy’s beauty in all its manifestations. Huge churches as well as small piazzas, world-class museums and small ancient ruins, famous art masterpieces and hidden jewels, you will be surrounded by treasures. But Italy is not only art and culture. You’ll love its nature and its landscapes, walking at the bottom of imposing mountains, getting on top of a hill for a glance on the local “campagna”, standing on the shores of a lake where an ancient battle was fought.


Either you are on your own or travel in a small group, we will take you to places away from the standard tourist trails, where Italians spend their free time. By going beyond the tourist facade you will get to experience food, crafts, history and culture deeply. Learn the art of cooking in a special location, try and speak Italian, visit local wine, ham, cheese and vinegar producers. Make it all a special experience to remember for a lifetime!


We like technology but we love people. That’s why we encourage you to visit major attractions with Authorised Tourist Guides who will give you an in-depth knowledge of the places you are in and will answer thoroughly to all your questions. Also, if you choose to be assisted by a Tour Leader, he will always be available in sharing his knowledge of the country, for a more and more enriching tour.


Our tours are enjoyed by people of all ages, by anyone who has a passion for rewarding and memorable travel experiences. This passion can be shared also with a family, and we encourage taking children with you. You’ll plant a seed of love for beauty that will give wonderful fruits throughout their life, and yours.


Tasting the local food should be one of the motives for visiting a country, but certainly is of the utmost importance in Italy! Italy is well known for the variety of its food, reflecting its history and its culture. Being a small team means you can access dining premises which are not viable for most tours. That's where Italians eat, that's where you can taste the true Italian cuisine. Trattorie, osterie, pasticcerie, espresso bars, the choice is infinite. Also, we will range from well-known food and wine products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Chianti, Aceto Balsamico di Modena, to small producer’s gourmet specialities awarded with DOP, DOC and SLOW FOOD brands, which grant the highest quality in Italian food and wine. But apart from dining, your food experience may include cooking classes using regional ingredients, and food and wine tastings at local producers as well as in local shops.


Last but not least! You’ll discover lovely shops together along the way: “bottegas” in city centers, small spots in villages and, why not, flagship stores in town centres and fashion outlets. That’s how Italians shop, so shop as Italians do.

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"We take pride in showing to people from around the world how we really live in our country."