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Travel is a dream, and travel to Italy is usually on top of everyone’s wishes.

Our job is to make your dreams come true. Sometimes simple journeys, but also very complex and articulated trips, off the most popular routes, searching for the true essence of Italy.

We design tailor-made trips to Italy for every need, breaking down physical, cultural and moral barriers. Accessible, but above all inclusive travel. Because everyone has the right to know new cultures and languages, visit the places of his dreams and live unforgettable experiences. In a word, TRAVEL.

We love to organize trips for the elderly and people with motor disabilities, whenever the opportunity arises. Because we know that, even if you are no longer very young or with mobility problems, you are still extremely curious, vital and full of energy, especially when you can leave your daily lives behind, to discover new places and enjoy new experiences. These trips are an opportunity for rebirth: you share unique and particular experiences and feel free, ageless.

Our goal is that all of you visit our country as you wish, on a tour that adapts perfectly to your wishes and needs. We know the needs of the elderly and people with motor disabilities because we have often accompanied them to discover the beauties of Italy. The hotels we choose can best accommodate our travellers, with rooms on the ground floor or reachable without obstacles. Transfers are calibrated to everyone’s needs, with particular attention to travellers while they are on board and with shorter distances and more dilated times. Our excursions allow our guests to move freely and experience the wonders of the “Bel Paese” in total comfort and tranquillity with wheelchairs and electric scooters, at the pace that best suits their needs. Our guides are experienced and familiar with the special needs of guests with reduced mobility, are patient and very knowledgeable. 

We are waiting for you all, beyond every barrier.