Travellers must always ensure they are fully insured when travelling, and we strongly recommend that all travellers have suitable and adequate cover for any physical inconvenience or accident they might have during your trips.

Also, regardless of the reason, cancellations, interruptions and missed departures can result in costly charges from travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by cancelling confirmed bookings, and travellers not covered may incur these cancellation penalties (see

We are unable to offer you Cancellation, Interruption or Missed Departure Coverage (i.e. reimbursement for missed time on tour as the result of an airline delay or cancellation) as a service on our side, due to national Insurance Companies’ general unwillingness to cover this type of risks for incoming travelers (mainly for objective difficulties in collecting information about cancellations, interruption and missed departure in countries of origin). However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe your own protection plan covering cancellation, interruption and missed departure fees in the instance you are forced to cancel your tour prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances, or you must interrupt it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Also, please be aware that due to territory restrictions, some insurance policies may not offer full coverage while you travel in Italy. Still, other companies may offer partial protection, but due to benefit limits, co-insurance and deductibles, you may not be reimbursed for the full amount incurred.

For your safety, please consider carefully our mandatory coverage as well as the optional coverage we can offer you.


As an Italian Tour Operator, VITOR is obliged by the Italian Law to cover the possible risks related to its business. In particular, we are compelled to stipulate an insurance policy covering all the costs deriving to tourists due to any corporeal, material and patrimonial damage, and any other damage involuntarily caused to tourists by our activity.

To this extent, we have underwritten an insurance policy with AGA International S.A. (Allianz Global Assistance), the worldwide leader in travel insurance. The maximum compensation granted by our insurance policy is € 2,066,000 per year.


As an optional coverage, VITOR offers AGA’s (Allianz Global Assistance) “Assistance to person – Incoming” Protection for medical expenses and costs related to injury or illness during the trip.

By purchasing AGA’s “Assistance to Person – Incoming” Protection, you can help protect yourself against medical costs, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveller’s assistance services:
• 24-hour emergency telephone assistance hotline for medical problems,
• Indication of a specialist physician close to your location,
• Emergency evacuation from the place of the accident to the nearest Emergency Center or hospital,
• Transport from the Emergency Center to a better equipped Medical Center,
• Transport from a Medical Center to your home (in case you are not able to proceed with the tour),
• Language Interpreter (English, French, Spanish, German) for telephone contacts with physicians,
• Translation of medical charts,
• Medical expenses up to up to € 30,000, including urgent expenses, charges for services of a legally qualified physician, surgeon, graduate nurse, dentist or osteopath, charges for hospital confinement and use of ER and operating rooms, x-ray examinations or treatments and laboratory tests, drugs, medicines, and therapeutic services and supplies,
• Transport of the deceased to the international airport closer to home.

AGA’s “Assistance to Person – Incoming” Protection reimburses also reasonable additional accommodation and transportation expenses incurred to remain near a covered travelling immediate family member or travelling companion who is hospitalized during your trip, provided that the assisting person has subscribed his own Protection Plan.

By subscribing our policy, you undertake a relationship with AGA International S.A. – Italian Branch. However, in case of an accident, AGA’s local branches around the globe will give you further assistance in any need you might have


All benefits take effect at the start of the tour at the meeting point and will remain valid until the end of the tour as stated in the contract.


Pre-existing medical conditions are covered by AGA’s “Assistance to Person – Incoming” Protection.


In order to provide this package of benefits, certain restrictions do apply. Exclusions are standard in virtually every insurance product.
For example, AGA’s “Assistance to Person – Incoming” Protection does not cover:
• the additional costs you may incur as a result of a change in the per-person occupancy rate of prepaid travel arrangements if a person booked to share accommodations with you cancels or interrupts his/her trip for a covered reason and you do not cancel;
• the additional costs related to the interruption of the trip due to non-medical reasons (for example, additional airfare to return home);
• travel of family members to Italy and back to assist you while in hospital, as well as hotel costs;
• the purchase of necessary items in the event your luggage is delayed or lost by the airline when incoming;
• the additional costs originated by delayed return home due to passport / identity card loss or theft.



The coverage provided by VITOR via AGA is optional, and the premium is related to your trip cost.
If you decide to subscribe it, we will add the plan cost on our travel final invoice and include it in the balance due. Simply pay the amount indicated on your travel invoice inclusive of this plan cost.
You will be enrolled upon VITOR’s receipt of payment for the applicable plan cost.
For administrative reasons, the absolute deadline to enroll in “Assistance to person” travel protection is 7 days before departure. If later, the Protection could apply only to a portion of the trip.
Please be aware that premiums are non-refundable.


In the event of a claim, a VITOR representative will assist you in all the relationships with local hospitals and service providers as covered by the AGA Insurance Policy or by any other Insurance Policy you might have subscribed.
All documents will be copied and provided to you after the accident file has been closed in Italy.
Upon your return home, our Administrative Department will assist you in any claim you might submit to your own Insurance Company.

For more Information and to review the plan's terms and conditions as well as exclusions, please download AGA’s “Assistance to Person – Incoming” Protection Terms and Conditions