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Dear traveller,

Italy is not only a country to visit, it is an emotion to live. And if you want to get to know Italy, you must see it as if you were an Italian.

So, I invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through my beautiful country, "Il Bel Paese".

I will accompany you as your travel companion, and you will be able to see Italy through the eyes of your "Italian" friend. We will travel as locals, enjoying Italian art and culture in renowned piazzas as well as in the smallest hidden villages, eat as locals, tasting extraordinary Italian food in local home-style restaurants and trattorias, where the ordinary tourists do not go, shop as locals, discovering world-famous Italian style products in artisanal bottegas. I will share my knowledge of the country, its history, art and culture, with plenty of information on how it works, its politics and economy.

We'll travel at an "Italian" pace: plenty of time to explore and socialize, no rush, just concentrating on the experience, in full comfort. We will dine with locals in their restaurants, meet traditional producers, and mingle with those characters who enrich the heritage of local communities. We will range from well-known food and wine products to small producers' gourmet specialities of the highest quality.

Because our goal is to make an Italian out of you. You'll be an authentic Italian for the time of your stay, and even longer.

Join me on an exhilarating adventure, experiencing the unique “something” that defines Italian flavours, rhythms, and style. You’ll discover the most genuine and authentic Italy, the Italy of VITOR. And you'll fall in love with it, as we Italians do daily.

Arrivederci in Italia.