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VITOR's Tour Leaders have been selected to give you the best Italian travelling experience.

Having passed a stringent government test allowing them to conduct tours, they all share VITOR's philosophy, that is not only show the best of Italy “on the road” but let travellers understand it and live it as an Italian.

VITOR's Tour Leaders are not drivers, nor guides, but skilled professionals who join tour mates and lead them with enthusiasm at the discovery of an infinite country, always taking new motives in visiting it.

As all VITOR Tour Leaders are Italian, they will offer you the most interesting insights into the local history, culture and customs, for a deeper understanding and knowledge of all the various but equally fascinating local cultures. They will allow you to understand better “l’Italia” and “gli Italiani”, giving you plenty of information on how the country works, its recent history, politics and economy, thus making for a much more rewarding experience.

They will initiate you to the knowledge of a wonderful language, its origins going back to the time when latin was a universal language and its dialects still spoken in various parts of the country. They will take you at the discovery of the best dining spots, where the locals like to eat, and the best food and wine of various areas. They will fully assist you in shopping, advising you genuinely about the best products and sales in small shops as well as in fashion outlets or retail centers. And last but not least, from time to time they will lead you to the places where you can enjoy Italy with Italians.

Just relax and enjoy your trip with the support of our Tour Leaders. They will take you around Italy with the enthusiasm of a friend and the dedication arising from a deep love of its past and present.

Marcello Cordovani

Founder and Tour Leader Coordinator