Venice is a city that excites and amazes, radiates vital energy and fills you with nostalgia when you leave.

During my university years, I had the good fortune to study in Venice, get to know it, explore it and get in touch with its most genuine and authentic part.

The most traditional image of Christmas is the Nativity scene, representing the hut with the newborn baby Jesus between Mary and Joseph and warmed by the donkey and ox.

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 "The perfect lover is the one who turns into pizza at four in the morning" - Charles Pierce

Italians love pizza, and we are obsessed with it: "Saturday night is pizza night" or, in my case, it could be "every day is pizza day". I must admit it, pizza is undoubtedly my favourite food.

Venice, the city on the water, is famous worldwide for its history and undisputed beauty, but especially for the Carnival, one of the most famous in the world.

Venice is much more; it is a magical city, a unique and iconic place, an open-air museum that can fascinate anyone who visits it, a city to explore but, above all, to experience.

Bread is the centrepiece of our Mediterranean diet, a central element of lives and cultures. Christians consider it a sacred food, broken and shared at the table, a symbol of brotherhood. When I was living in America, it was served in Italian restaurants as an appetizer accompanied by olive oil, highlighting that bread was typically Italian. Yes, we do serve bread in restaurants, but it’s not an appetizer, it’s maybe the most important food on the table!

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Christmas is one of my favourite moments of the year: the colours of the lights in the houses, families reuniting to enjoy the magic of this holiday together and children looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus. Christmas in Italy is also an opportunity to taste many typical sweets, which are served on our tables every year with a unique flavour that reminds us of how beautiful it is to celebrate Christmas with the people you love.