Ancient greek theater of Taormina Ancient greek theater of Taormina


Travellers who chose to visit Italy with VITOR have always been very glad to share their Italian experience with their friends and relatives. On the other hand, talking with travellers who already chose us as their partners and friends has always made a difference, as the opinions of an independent traveller are always highly regarded and trusted.

To help you understand how we can set up a memorable trip to our country, some former travellers are making themselves available to give authentic information and support, explaining how a tour with VITOR works and why it is worth having us as your partners and friends for a tour of Italy “with Italians”. Our Ambassadors will be available to answer any questions about their tour with VITOR via email (and possibly on the phone, depending on their availability) and they will gladly share their experience with you.

To get in touch with a VITOR Ambassador, just fill in the form below.

We invite you to share your thoughts with our friends, they will love to tell you about their experience in our wonderful country.