The highlights of our trip were basically everything!

Dear Marcello,

you and VitorItaly planned the perfect trip for our first time in Italy.  We told him a few places we would like to go, and he filled in with other cities.  Traveling was made so easy by having our guides, drivers and tickets all preplanned.  The drivers and guides met us at our hotel and all were always on time.  We started in Rome for 3 days, then the Amalfi coast for 3 days Naples for one night and our last night in Rome.  The highlights of our trip were basically everything!  We loved our Path of the Gods hike along the Amalfi coast and our guide, Enzo, was the best!  The cooking class where we made ravioli, tiramisu, and linguine was so much fun and delicious.  We got a thorough depiction of the Vatican as well as the Colosseum.  In fact, our Colosseum guide stayed with us an additional 2 hours.  Every one of our guides was so knowledgeable regarding the sites they took us through.  Amalfi was stunning as expected.  We were all very impressed with the amount of detail he took with the logistics of the trip.

We are looking forward to booking another trip with Marcello to explore another part of Italy in the future.  We can’t say enough about how pleased we were with the hotels and locations he picked out, as well as the services we received.

Sandy - United States (September 2023)