COVID-19 Update - The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, talks to the nation – March 5th, 2020

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Dear fellow citizens,

Italy is facing a particularly challenging time. It is doing it with full transparency and completeness of information.

The pitfall of a new virus that is gradually affecting so many countries around the world is causing much concern. This is understandable and requires everyone to show a sense of responsibility, but we must absolutely avoid unmotivated and often counterproductive states of anxiety. We are a great modern country, we have an excellent national health system that is operating effectively and with the generous self-denial of its staff, at all professional levels. We will overcome the difficulties of these days. Also through the necessary adoption of extraordinary measures to support the work of health professionals engaged constantly for days and days: measures for the employment of new staff to support them and ensure the actual availability of equipment and materials, checking it in all hospitals.

The Government – to which the Constitution entrusts the task and the tools to decide - yesterday established a series of indications of daily behaviour, as suggested by scientists and valuable experts. They are simple but important, to avoid the risk of widening the spread of contagion. I want to urge everyone to follow them rigorously, even if they may temporarily change some of our life habits. By respecting those criteria of behaviour, each of us will effectively help to overcome this emergency. Our fellow citizens in the so-called red zones are doing it, with great seriousness. I thank them all for the way they are facing the sacrifices they are subjected to.

I would like to express sincere closeness to the sick and great solidarity with the families of the victims. The current moment requires involvement, sharing, harmony, unity of purpose in the commitment to defeat the virus: in institutions, in politics, in the daily life of society, in the media. The Government's management team is responsible for taking the necessary decisions in collaboration with the Regions, coordinating the various competencies and responsibilities. Particular initiatives should therefore be avoided, depending on the indications taken at the coordination site.

Dear citizens, without recklessness but without alarmism, we can and must have confidence in the skills and resources we have. We must and can trust Italy."
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