VERONA, 5 things you must see in the city of love

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Before starting this short guide about the city of Romeo and Juliet, I will answer some frequently asked questions …


Verona is in the region of Veneto, north- east of Italy, not far from Lake Garda and Venice. If you’re staying in Verona and want to take a day visit to Venice, in approximately 90 minutes, both by car and train, you can reach it.


As everybody knows, William Shakespeare decided to set his most important tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, in this city and as it is hard to find a more romantic story than this one, people started calling Verona the city of love.


Each region of Italy, and even each city, has its own typical dishes, in Verona you should try: Risotto al Radicchio (risotto with a typical salad of the area), polenta (a sort of thick porridge made with maize flour) with mushrooms/cheese/meat on top, Bigoli con le sarde (fresh pasta that looks like spaghetti but thicker with a fish similar to anchovies) and as dessert Baci di Giulietta (Juliet’s kisses).

However, this article is about WHAT TO SEE in Verona and I have 5 tips in order to make your visit the best EVER.

1. First of all the magnificent ARENA DI VERONA. The Arena is one of the greatest monuments from the Roman era; it is the third biggest amphitheater after the Colosseum (Rome) and the Anfiteatro Campano (not far from Naples). The arena is located in the very center of Verona, in Piazza Brà (Main Square). During the hot season, it hosts shows, plays and concerts, which are an amazing experience that I would suggest to everybody. Here the link to the shows: .

arena di verona private tour
arena di verona stella di Natale

2. Very close to the Arena, there is PIAZZA (square) ERBE. After a short walk in Via Mazzini, the shopping street, you will find Piazza Erbe, a very characteristic square surrounded by buildings and monuments that have marked the history of Verona. Where once the Maximum Decuman and Maximum Cardo intersected, there is now a very lively Market. During Christmas time (November/ December), Piazza delle Erbe summons a lot people for its colourful and traditional stalls.

piaza delle erbe
mercatino piazza erbe

3. In the immediate vicinity of Piazza Erbe, there is JULIET’S HOUSE. The building, dating back to the 13th and renovated in the last century, features the balcony where Romeo promised his beloved Juliet eternal love in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. The house and the balcony can be visited for a low price. It is said that touching the statue of Juliet, that stands in the courtyard, brings good luck and love.


4. CASTEL SAN PIETRO. From this castle built in the 7th Century on a hill, you can enjoy the view of the whole city spreading out, with its network of Roman Roads, its walls, tall towers and steeples. The castle cannot be visited from the inside but the view is worth the visit. The castle can be reached both from the stairs on the left side of the Roman Theater, and by car, passing on the back of the hill. In the terrace there is a parking.


5. CASTELVECCHIO. It was constructed on the banks of the Adige River by Cangrande II della Scala in 1354 in order to defend Verona. Severely damaged by Napoleon and WWII bombings, the fortress was reinvented by architect Carlo Scarpa.

Don’t forget to stop by for an ice cream (GELATO) before leaving! I suggest you Gelateria la Romana, Gelateria Amorino and L’arte del gelato!!

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