Things to do in italy

Things to do in italy (10)

Venice is a city that excites and amazes, radiates vital energy and fills you with nostalgia when you leave.

During my university years, I had the good fortune to study in Venice, get to know it, explore it and get in touch with its most genuine and authentic part.

Venice, the city on the water, is famous worldwide for its history and undisputed beauty, but especially for the Carnival, one of the most famous in the world.

Venice is much more; it is a magical city, a unique and iconic place, an open-air museum that can fascinate anyone who visits it, a city to explore but, above all, to experience.

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“Why is Italian food so good?” “Because these flavours are distilled by centuries of history.”

Before starting this short guide about the city of Romeo and Juliet, I will answer some frequently asked questions …

Many people get in touch with us because they are considering a tour in Italy, and they are just undecided between a coach tour and a private one. So they ask us: why should I take a private tour of italy? Why with your company? Here are 8 plus 1 good reasons, we hope you enjoy them!

I am in love with Tuscany: a perfect combination of landscapes, art, culture. I really am, also because "il mi nonno”, my grandfather, originally came from Serravalle, in the province of Arezzo. But there’s another reason why I love it so much: its CUISINE.

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MY PRIVATE ITALY: In Rome, eat like a Roman

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When you are in Italy, eat like a local.

Yes, because if you do not know Italian cuisine you might think you are eating a typical Amatriciana in Florence, or enjoying a typical Mortadella in Venice. The fact is that Italian cuisine is not a national but a regional cuisine, and each region has its own specialties: if you find the same dishes in another region, many times the "national" version is far from the original, “local” one. So, it's time to venture into a world of typical restaurants where you will not find Italians but Romans, Venetians, Florentines, Neapolitans.

There is always a chance to taste Parmigiano Reggiano when we are on a tour, in every part of the country. Yes, because Parmigiano Reggiano is somehow the “national” cheese.

To me, as well as to many Italians who love Siena and often pay a visit to the city, the Palio is a combination of colors, sounds and emotions.

The colors, from yellow ocher turf lying on the Piazza del Campo to those of the flags and the handkerchiefs of the “contradaioli”.

Well known all over the world, Rome has a fascinating history behind her. The capital of Italy has emerged from a small settlement of shepherds on the Palatine hill and it represents now a perfect mix  between art, culture, food and shopping.