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Dear All,

this is the weekly update regarding the Coronavirus disease in Italy.
On Sunday, March 1st, the government divided Italy into 3 areas, depending on the severity of the contagion.
The red area includes all the areas which are still quarantined, one south of Milan and the other south of Venice; these areas are closed, that is no one can get inside it and residents cannot get out, and almost all activities are suspended.
The yellow area includes the regions of Emilia Romagna (with Parma and Bologna), Lombardy (Milan), Veneto (Venice, Verona, Padua), and the provinces of Pesaro – Urbino (in the region of Le Marche) and Savona (in Liguria). In these territories, only as a precautionary measure, all activities implying gatherings in public areas are for the time being forbidden, this meaning that schools, universities, movie theatres, gyms, are still closed. All sports events are still suspended. Museums and churches are open, but access is limited so that people can keep a distance of at least 1 meter from one another. Bars and restaurants are open with table-service only.
In the rest of the country (the green zone), thus including primary tourist destinations like Florence, Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Cinque Terre, all activities and attractions are open without any limitation. Extraordinary sanitation measures are being implemented in all public offices. Apart from the red areas, all businesses and factories are open and working, suffering only for a lack of components and raw materials from other countries.
In line with WHO recommendations, the Ministry of Public Health recommends taking basic precautions, such as washing your hands frequently and keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter, when possible.
Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have suspended flights ONLY to Milan Airports through April 24, while United is currently flying to Italy but considering stopping flights. Other major destinations, such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, are open.
FYI, here enclosed you will find the transcription of the WHO General Director’s opening statement at the media briefing of March 2nd (
For live updates from ANSA (the Italian News Agency) click here
In view of this, while we are confident that the situation is getting under control and the Italian Government and the Ministry of Public Health have taken and are still taking all the necessary measures to contain the virus, we still suggest that, if you are travelling to the yellow area before the end of April, you reconsider your itinerary; we will be glad to help you with rescheduling without any major cost.
We will continue to update you and hope to welcome you back to Italy in the near future.

Grazie e ciao,

Marcello Cordovani

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