COVID-19 Update - Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

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Here following you will find the message Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte addressed to the country yesterday, March 4th

This is not the first time that our country is facing national emergencies, but we are a strong country, a country that does not give up, it is in our DNA.

We are facing the challenge of the coronavirus, it is a challenge without a political colour, it must call the whole nation to action, it is a challenge that must be overcome with the commitment of all, citizens, institutions, scientists, health workers, civil servants, law enforcement. Italy as a whole is called to do its part.

Since January, when we had only 2 cases, we immediately activated measures that appeared drastic but which in reality were simply adequate and proportionate to protect citizens’ health, to contain the spread of contagion. We always acted based on the evaluations of the Technical-Scientific Committee, always choosing the line of transparency, the line of truth, wanting to avoid mistrust and “plot” tales. Truth is the strongest antidote, transparency the first vaccine to equip ourselves with. I felt it was necessary to explain to all citizens, even to those who do not usually follow political information daily, what was happening. We are in the same boat, the ones at the helm have a duty to keep the course, to indicate it to the crew.

Today I am coming back to you to tell you that new measures are coming, we must make an extra effort, we have to do it together. And let's start from a positive fact: in Italy, we can confirm that most infected heal without consequences. So why should we be so concerned then, you may wonder. Because a certain percentage of infected need continued care in intensive care units. This means that as long as the numbers are low the National Health System can effectively assist the infected but, in the event of exponential growth, it is clear that not only Italy but no country in the world could face such an emergency requiring additional facilities, beds, human resources. For this reason, in recent days the Minister of Health Speranza is ordering an increase of intensive care units capacity by 50% and sub-intensive care units capacity by 100%. But we must be aware that, despite the efforts, it is not possible to strengthen health facilities in a short time, so our first goal must be to contain the contagion.

We must continue to work together towards a common goal, we must not disrupt our lives, our life habits. We must act responsibly: wash our hands often, cough in a handkerchief or in the crease of the elbow, keep a distance of 1 meter from one another, avoid hugs and handshakes, avoid crowded places.

From tomorrow to March 15th, in order to prevent further contagion options, educational activities in schools and universities, except the ones online, will be suspended and there will be no sporting events open to the public.


We will overcome this situation, this emergency. We will overcome this difficulty and assert ourselves in all our value. When this emergency is over, we will turn our eyes back and I am sure that we will be proud of how an entire country faced this emergency, with courage and willpower, determined to raise its head, women and men who were willing to give up something in order to show a gesture of responsibility towards the most fragile.

Grazie a tutti

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